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Infographic: 10 Incredible stats about Remote working

The era of remote work is here. Are you afraid of the change?

Well, you shouldn’t be. Trust remote work to bring your company the fresh new start you were looking for. A team that works from home not knows how to stay productive, it also helps you find new ways of getting the job done right. 

There have been many surveys suggesting that remote work is what we should have been doing for a while now. And, it is possible that the pandemic forced our hand and led us to witness such a great shift in dynamic. 

Here is why remote work isn’t just a fad but a concept that is here to stay:

  • Since they have flexible workspaces, all the resources at the comfort of their homes, there is no denying that a remote team will achieve more. 
  • And, you will see not just a surge in employee productivity, you will also witness an increase in employee accountability and engagement. 
  • With today’s technology, it has become more than possible to track the performance of your team. 
  • There are tools out there that have been helping remote teamstools out there that have been helping remote teams actively stay in touch and effectively collaborate. 

Embracing remote is a wise decision for management and teams. And, there is enough evidence to back it up.


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