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FlexClip 2.0 is a powerful update

PearlMountain, a multimedia software development company since 2006, today announced the release of FlexClip 2.0, a powerful update to its leading FlexClip video creation solution. Version 2.0 comes with a redesigned interface, adds over 1,000 dynamic elements, and delivers a long list of enhanced features. Already a popular choice, FlexClip 2.0 represents a big step forward in easy, compelling video creation tools. 


"Our latest update on FlexClip is a major change in how users gets their videos done," commented Lin Xiao, CEO and Founder of FlexClip. "If you have a video-making idea and need for marketing, education, YouTube, or entertainment, FlexClip makes it happen as frictionless as possible."


FlexClip launched in 2019, and is now used and loved by over 3,000,000 people across the globe. This update makes FlexClip even more hassle-free and user-friendly, sure to enhance its reputation as an intuitive video editor with an extensive palette of creative tools.


According to PearlMountain, the team at FlexClip redesigned the GUI from the ground up. Version 2.0 reveals a modern interactive interface in which video creation is quick, fast and easily mastered without any prior knowledge.


To inspire user creativity, this version offers over 1,000 dynamic elements, including arrows, shapes, emojis, social media and business widgets, all of which can be customized to make a video look more cinematic and visually appealing.


Overlays, backgrounds, transitions, texts, and watermarks, can all now also be applied in interesting ways providing users with the capability to make eye-catching standout videos, with a professional edge.


"We're excited to announce the release of our latest major update to FlexClip. And we'll persistently look for ways to simplify the user experience and provide more features and resources to satisfy users of different levels of ability and needs," Lin Xiao added.

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